http://postmasculine.com/nightclubs-part-1 : This article is written by Mark Manson who has experience in the field of nightclub promotion, he aims to expose the reality behind the nightclub and what the true story to success is. Ultimately he suggests that nightclubs don’t just sell an ‘experience’ of fun and music but actually that of ‘sex and self-esteem’. He implies that the ‘product’ of a nightclub is the women. Is this true? Perhaps it is true, perhaps men, due to their role expectations, are more likely to spend money on drinks and going out when women are around.

The article exposes demand increasing tactics used by clubs whereby queues are created outside of an empty club to create false appeal. Do all clubs use this tactic I wonder, does it really work? Are we really concerned about whether the club is ‘the place to be’ and its popularity among beautiful women and rich men, in so many words buying into ‘sex and self-esteem as put by the author of this article. Or are there other requirements which need to be met in order to draw us in to a nightclub. Perhaps these are changing, we may be more concerned now, due to the current economic climate,  about cost and the price of drinks and entry (i know I am as a student), or even the distance as the further out the more expensive transport will be!

Thoughts are welcome, thank you!


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