I’m a University of Southampton student, currently in my last year (as I am writing this). I am doing a BSc Management Degree which involves an array of interesting topics. My modules so far have covered topics such as:

Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Insight, Digital Literacy, Business Strategy, EU Business Policy, Project Management and Accounting.

My favourite area’s have been Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy and Marketing. I am very keen on progressing my knowledge, abilities and skills in these areas, on of the key motives behind starting this blog. And, I hope my blog can bring me opportunities to network with others who share these interests too.

One of my biggest passions is to paint portraits. Before coming to the University of Southampton I was accepted into Chelsea College of Art and Design, Part of the University of the Arts London. I spent a year here on a Foundation in Art and Design. I will definitively continue to pursue art as a hobbie and career after leaving university.

You  can view some of my Artwork at my Pinterest, under ‘My Portraits’.

Oil Painting, Mum

Commissioned portrait, Superwoman.

Drawing, Johnny Cash



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